Delivery Details

Once your organization has reserved a sale delivery date with us, you will need to call your order in to us 10 days before your delivery date. When you call in your order to us, we will need to know the time of delivery, directions to your location and the physical address of your delivery location. If you fax or email your order in to us, don’t forget to include the directions and the physical address.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we schedule delivery dates and times trying to get your pies and rolls to you as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We have minimum order requirements for free delivery. Please check with us for the minimum order requirements for free delivery for your specific location. If you would not meet the minimum order requirement, we would either charge your organization a delivery fee or you could have someone from your group pick up the order at our location at a prearranged time to avoid the delivery fee.

Unfortunately, due to certain economic conditions, we can not deliver an order of less than 75 items. Your group can still pick up the items at our location at a prearranged time.

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