Selling Tips

  1. When selling our products, let people know why your organization needs to raise money. People are much more willing to give money when they know exactly what the money will be used for and who will benefit from the money raised.

  2. Present our Order Form to the customer. If the customer has any questions, refer to our FAQs-Customers Sheet (found under the FAQs tab on our website) and our Product List and Information sheets (found under the SALE SUPPORT tab on our website) for further information. In case of a specific food allergy question, have the customer go to our website, where we have detailed nutritional information on our products or call us directly at (724) 238-9536.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask the customer if they would be willing to help your organization by placing an order. Let the customer know when their products will be delivered.

  4. It is best to contact people that you know: family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. If your workplace allows, have an Order Form sitting out with a personal message attached to it asking for support. It is a great way to get orders.

  5. If possible, when meeting with customers, wear your organization’s uniform, or a shirt with the organization’s logo on it. It readily identifies that you are a member of that group.

  6. Delivering your customers' items the same day that they arrive from The Pie Shoppe ensures that they are receiving them in their freshest state.

  7. Remember to thank your customers for their support.

  8. To make future sales a little easier, save individual Order Forms. When you schedule your next sale, these forms can be used to approach customers that previously purchased our products.

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