Delivery Day

A little pre-planning before our products arrive
will help make the day of delivery run smoothly.

  1. Choose a location for The Pie Shoppe to deliver your items.  The area should be easily accessible with no stairs if possible.  The location should have enough counter space or tabletops to stack our pies.  If possible, have carts with wheels available the day of delivery to transport the pies from our truck to the distribution location.

  2. Avoid storage on a bare floor.  When holding our products the day of distribution, keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  3. Have sufficient help available on the day of delivery.  Our driver will have the boxes of pies moved to the edge of the truck.  Volunteers are needed to carry the pies from the truck to the designated pickup location.

  4. As a rule of thumb, if your organization has ordered 1000 items, allow approximately ½ hour with 6-8 volunteers to help our driver unload, sort and count the items.

  5. To help keep our products sorted by flavor, print off signs naming each of our products and post them in the distribution location.  Go to FORMS YOU WILL NEED under our Sale Support tab and choose the Pie Signs for the month of your delivery.

  6. It is recommended that the sale contact person be responsible for sorting the pies by flavor and counting them with our driver.  Then the sale contact person will sign that all items are accounted for signifying that the number of items that you receive matches our driver’s total sheet.

  7. Our driver will have an invoice with him the day of delivery.  You can pay our driver that day, or you have up to 7 days to mail one check into us, payable to The Pie Shoppe. We also accept cash or credit cards for payment.

  8. After our driver has left, your volunteers may sort our products into individual customer orders.

  9. Scheduling a time frame for different members of your group to pick up their individual orders should eliminate confusion and mistakes.

  10. Our products must be distributed the same day they are delivered to your organization.  Cinnamon rolls especially need to be delivered that same day.

  11. As people pick their orders up at the distribution location, stress the importance of delivering our products that same day!

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