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We are celebrating 38 years of helping groups reach their financial goals through fundraising! The Pie Shoppe Fundraising Program started in the same tiny Pie Shoppe Bakery that Melvin Columbus opened in 1947. Arriving home after World War II, Melvin and his mother Mildred combined their talents and opened The Pie Shoppe in the small village of Laughlintown, PA. As a navy cook, Melvin made homemade cinnamon rolls from the rations supplied on his battleship that was part of the fleet escorting the U.S.S. North Carolina. That cinnamon roll recipe is still used today.

Before opening The Pie Shoppe, Mildred gained her baking expertise running a boarding house in Kregar, PA. She served delicious homemade pies, breads and rolls to her guests, many of whom were constructing the Pennsylvania Turnpike between Somerset and Donegal.

Since 1970, Melvin’s youngest son Tom has owned and operated the business. 77 years later, the pies and rolls are still homemade right here in Laughlintown, PA.

Melvin and Glea Columbus, 1947, founders of the Pie Shoppe

The Pie Shoppe, Inc.,  PO Box 233,  Laughlintown,  PA  15655

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