The Pie Shoppe Fundraising Program

The Plan in a Pie Shell



Simple Steps For A Successful Sale

1. First, reserve your sale delivery date before beginning your sale by calling our Group Sales Office Monday through Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm at 724-238-9536.
Or fill in the form on our Contact Us page and we can get back with you.
• We do not schedule sales on Sundays or Mondays except at holiday times.
• Sales need a minimum of 50 items to be considered a funraiser.

2. Set a clear goal that your organization is working toward. It is easier for your sales force to support a fundraiser if they know exactly how the proceeds will be used.
The goal for the Glendale Elementary School PTA is to purchase a new swing set for the school’s playground.

3. After establishing a definite objective for your fundraising efforts, determine the cost, then divide it by the number of people participating. It is then simple to figure out the number of items each salesperson needs to sell. Click on our How To Boost Your Profits tab for available larger quantity discounts.
The cost of a new swing set for Glendale Elementary School’s playground = $2,000.00
Number of families available to sell at Glendale Elementary School = 100
$2,000.00 ÷ 100 families = $20.00 (Amount each family would need to raise)
$20.00 ÷$2.00 profit per pie = 10 pies. Each family would need to sell 10 pies.

4. Before your sale begins, make copies of each of the following and pass them out to your sales force:

Order Form - to take individual orders.
Product List - which has pictures of each of our products and a brief description of the products.
Product Information - which gives handling instructions for each of our products.
All of these forms can be downloaded from our Sale Support tab under Forms You Will Need.
Passing out the Order Forms and product information at Glendale Elementary School’s Fall Open House ensures that families are aware of the sale and builds enthusiasm for the fundraiser. Having photos and information about the new swing set lets everyone know exactly what the money raised will be used to purchase.

5. Schedule a definite starting and ending date for your sale. We have found that the most successful fundraisers last about two weeks. It also alerts everyone involved that the fundraiser is officially underway.

6. Publicizing the event is an inexpensive way to advertise your fundraiser and increase sales. Customize one of our posters to promote your sale.
• Have posters displayed around the school promoting the sale.
• Advertise the sale in the school’s newsletter and on the community bulletin board. Always include a contact person and phone number.
• Mention the sale on the school’s daily announcements.

7. Have a definite ending date for your fundraiser to allow enough time to collect and tally all of your orders and call them in to us at least 10 days before your sale delivery date. You have up until 9 days before your sale delivery date for any add-ons to your order. After that we cannot accept any more orders. If you are comfortable using an Excel® spreadsheet to tally your orders, you can access these spreadsheets in our Sale Support tab under Forms You Will Need.
Absolutely no fundraising orders will be filled in our retail store.

8. Designate one contact person from your organization to call in your order. Consider ordering extra pies and rolls to help fill any last minute orders. When you call your order in to us, we will need directions to your location and the physical address of your delivery location.

9. You may call or fax your order into us at:
    724-238-9536 Office
    724-238-9653 Fax

10. Set up a location for The Pie Shoppe to deliver your items. The area should be easily accessible with no stairs if possible. The location should be cool and dry with enough counter space or tabletops to stack our pies. If possible, have carts with wheels available the day of delivery to transport the pies from our truck to the distribution location.
Glendale Elementary School’s cafeteria would be a good location to have the pies delivered in the afternoon after lunch has been served.

11. Having sufficient help available on the day of delivery is very important. Our driver will have the boxes of pies moved to the edge of the truck. Volunteers are needed to carry the pies from the truck to the designated pickup location. Select one volunteer to receive the pies, keep the pies sorted and counted by flavor. Hanging signs up that identify each of our pie flavors, helps the sorting process. Go to our Sale Support tab under Forms You Will Need to print off signs. Our driver and the designated volunteer will check the delivered quantities. Your organization’s designated representative will sign that all items are accounted for signifying that the number of items that you receive matches our driver’s total sheet.
If Glendale Elementary School ordered 1000 items – it is recommended that 6-8 volunteers are available to help our driver unload the truck and sort the pies. Allow approximately ½ hour to unload, sort and count 1000 items if 6-8 volunteers are available to help.

12. Our driver will have an invoice with him the day of delivery. You can pay our driver that day, or you have up to 7 days to mail one check into us, payable to The Pie Shoppe.

13. After our driver leaves, your volunteers may sort the pies into individual customer orders.

14. Scheduling a time frame for different members of your group to pick up their individual orders should eliminate confusion and mistakes.

15. As people pick their orders up at the distribution location, stress the importance of delivering our products that same day!

16. Congratulations! Your sale is over. Don’t forget to thank all of your sales people and volunteers that helped to make your sale a success.
After the new swing set is installed, it might be nice to have a picnic at the Glendale Elementary School playground so that everyone can see the new equipment. Taking a photo of the new equipment and putting it in the school newsletter with a big thank you to all who participated is another way to show your group’s appreciation.

17. To make future sales a little easier, save individual Order Forms. When you schedule your next sale, these forms can be used to approach customers that previously purchased our products.

18. Someone from your organization that is handy with computers could add a list of customers to a database. With a database of people that have supported your organization in the past, you can send them newsletters and invitations to events that your group has planned in the future.

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