Get Started!

Get started!!

Our Fundraising Program is easy to manage
and so simple to get started.

Just follow these few steps to a successful sale.

  • Reserve your sale delivery date.
    • Call The Pie Shoppe Group Sales office at (724) 238-9536 to reserve your sale delivery date before beginning your sale. 
  • Start your sale!
    • We will email you the appropriate forms needed to begin your sale. This "Salesperson Handout" will include an Order Form, Product Information, Handling Instructions and Customer FAQs.
  • Call, fax or email us with your order.
    • Orders must reach us 10 days prior to your delivery date.
    • The cut-off date for late orders is 9 days before delivery.  We can not accept any orders after that date.
    • Absolutely no fundraising orders will be filled in our retail store.
    • We do ask for a minimum order for free delivery or you can pick your order up at our location to avoid a delivery fee.
  • Distribute the goods.
    • DELIVER OUR PRODUCTS THE DAY THEY ARRIVE!  Cinnamon rolls especially need to be delivered that same day.
    • Pay our driver that day or mail payment within 7 days of your sale.
    • We accept cash, credit cards or one check for payment – payable to The Pie Shoppe.

The Pie Shoppe, Inc.,  PO Box 233,  Laughlintown,  PA  15655

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